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Upcoming Programs

International Program onProcurement Procedures for the World Bank Aided Projects
Ethical Leadership in Public Governance
Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Service Excellence :
Public, Private and Social Sector Experience
Strategic Human Resource Management
November 16-20, 2015 at Bella Vista, Hyderabad
Study Tour : Malaysia and Singapore – November 21 - 29, 2015
PPP in Urban Infrastructure and Service Delivery
Building High Performance in Organisations through Work Life Balance
Biological Impact Assessment
HR Audit
International Program On Improved Management Of Land Acquisition, Resettlement & Rehabilitation (LARR)
Power Markets in India Issues and Challenges
Personality Development
Effective Trade Union Management
Advanced Management
Program – 2015
(In collaboration with SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milano)
Industry visits in Milano, Rome, Venice, Zurich, Paris and Amsterdam
Strategic R&D Management
Managing Strategic Innovation
GMP on Enabling Strategies for 'Make in India’ and 'Skill Development
Leadership Skills Development
Financial Systems, Management and Accountability in Government
Business Excellence for Agribusiness Professionals
Building Competencies for Leadership
Project Appraisal & Financing
Inventory Management
Project and Contract Management
Urban Futures Planning
Strategic Brand Management
International Certificate Program In Business Management For The Women Executives
Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management
A Home for All: Making Affordable Housing a Reality

Electricity Distribution Management

Negotiation Skills
Implementation of the Companies Act, 2013 – Features, Issues and Impact
Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness
High Impact Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Need Identification to Impact Assessment
Incompany Programs for the Month August - 2015
MDP for the Executives of Corporation Bank
Boot Camp for Retail Management of MRF
MDP for the Executives of Oriental Bank of Commerce
Current Economic Issues for the Officers of ISS
Project Management & Administration for JAG of GSI
MDP for the Executives of Bank of Baroda
GMP for the Officials of NMDC Batch I
Science Administration and Research Management-DST
MDP for the Executives of Corporation Bank
Senior Management Programme for Strategic Growth for NMDC - Batch I
MDP for the Executives of Oriental Bank of Commerce
ATM-Program for Women Scientists under DISHA Scheme-DST
Power Markets in India: Issues & Challenges with IEX