Dr Y. Malini Reddy

Student Learning in Higher Education Programs in India

Publisher/Journal: Scholar’s Press

Dr Nirmalya Bagchi

Policy Measures in for Revitalising Indian Agricultural Research(Chapter)

Name of the Book: Innovations in Agricultural Policy

Publisher/Journal: National Institute of Advanced Studies

Dr Reshmy Nair

Kerala’s Food Security Status-A Probe & Crop Insurance-Is it Far Removed from Reality

Publisher/Journal: Journal of International Development.March-2014 & The Hindu Survey of Indian Agriculture-2014

Prof. V Srinivas Chary & Co-author: D Ravindra Prasad

The Fourteenth Finance Commission and Urban Services

Publisher/Journal: Indian Journal of Public Administration, April-June, 2014.

Dr. Valli Manickam , Co-authors: Iyyanki V. Murali Krishna & Kotapati Shanti Sree

Impact of Meteorological Parameters on the Economic Well-being in East Godavari and Visakhapatnam Districts of Andhra Pradesh, India

Publisher/Journal: European Academic Research. July 2013

Dr. Valli Manickam,  Co-authors: Kotapati Shanti Sree & Iyyanki V.Murali Krishna

Analysis of Precipitation Concentration Index and Rainfall Prediction in Various Agro-Climatic Zones of Andhra Pradesh, India

Publisher/Journal: International Research Journal of Environmental Science. 2013, 2(5).

Dr. Valli Manickam, Co-authors: Iyyanki V. Murali Krishna

Study on the impact of meteorological parameters on crop production in Karimnagar district, Andhra Pradesh, India

Publisher/Journal: International Journal of Physical and Social Sciences. May 2013

Dr. Valli Manickam, Co-authors: Iyyanki V. Murali Krishna, Sree K.Shanti & R. Radhika

Biomass Calculations for Carbon Sequestration in Forest Ecosystem Case study of Andhra Pradesh, India

Publisher/Journal: Journal of Energy and Chemical Engineering. Jan 2014.

Dr. Valli Manickam, Co-author: Iyyanki V. Murali Krishna

Evaluation of Precipitation Enhancement in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Publisher/Journal: International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences; March 2014.

Dr B Lakshmi

Infrastructure and Benefits for Small Hospitals

Publisher/Journal: Medical Equipment & Automation May-June 2013

Dr B Lakshmi & Co-author: Prof. Habeeb Ghatala

Role of Medical Equipment in Improving Healthcare 

Publisher/Journal: Medical Equipment & Automation, December 2013

Dr B Lakshmi, Co-author: Prof. Habeeb Ghatala

Oral Health and Dental Insurance

Publisher/Journal: Medical Equipment & Automation, April2013.

Dr B.Lakshmi & Dr Balbir Singh

Computerising Physicians

Publisher/Journal: Medical Equipment & Automation, May-June 2013,

Dr B.Lakshmi & Dr Balbir Singh

Surgical Automation & Robotics

Publisher/Journal: Medical Equipment & Automation, Mar 2014

Dr P. Shahaida, Co-author: Dr Madhavi Pandya(SSIM)

Branded Vs Unbranded Jeans

Publisher/Journal: Journal of Marketing and Communication. April 2013

Dr K N Viswanatham, Co-author: Ms Smriti Sharma

Subjective Well-being in High Assertive Women Managers

Publisher/Journal: Journal of Management. September 2013

Dr K N Viswanatham

Book Review : Organizational Schizophrenia: Impact on Customer Service Quality

Publisher/Journal: Journal of Management. September2013.

Dr Subodh Kandamuthan

Public Private Partnership Models in Social Sector published

Publisher/Journal: Corner Publishing House, UK and Creative Handicrafts Mumbai, December 2013

Dr Subodh Kandamuthan

Book Review Poor but spirited in Karimnagar, Field Notes from a Civil Servant

Publisher/Journal: ASCI Journal of Management. March 2013.

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