G Mohan has over 27 years of experience in Industry and academia. He has been with ASCI in the Information Technology Area since April 2006. He directs and teaches theme based programmes in Information Technology. He also conducts sessions related to strategic management and conducts simulation games in General Management Programs.

His areas of interest lie in the Application of Information Technology for solving problems in business. Areas of consultancy include, e-Governance, e-Procurement and leveraging IT for competitiveness.  He also conducts programmes related to Technology and Innovation Management for Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. He has keen interest in using social media for organizations. He has created the ASCI Alumni Network online and is currently moderating the same.

Mr. G. Mohan

Professor - Information Technology Area, Centre for Innovation and Technology

Administrative Staff College of India,

Bella Vista, Raj Bhavan Road,

Hyderabad - 500 082


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