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Dr Prabhati Pati currently the Director-Centre for Management Studies at Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad. She is also the Area Chair-Business Communication Area,

She holds Ph.D. degree from IIT Kharagpur and her Doctoral thesis is on ‘Designing Organizations for Innovations, Performance and Quality of Work Life’.

At ASCI as a senior faculty member she is engaged in management research, training and consulting activities. She is the chief consultant and team leader for various consulting projects for organisations like Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd, Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd, Yanam Chamber of Commerce & Industry, National Police Academy, Bharat Dynamics Ltd; and a team member in the project with Nuclear Fuel Complex.

She has conducted a large number of training programs for public sector, private sector, government sector and banking sector organisations. She has published a number of research articles in various Indian Journals.

Her areas of consulting interest include Human Resource Policy and Guidelines, Manpower Planning, Performance Management, Improvement, and Appraisal, Employee Engagement, Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Employee Commitment Issues, Human Factors and Safety, Assessment Centre, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.

Her training interests are in the areas of Leadership, Culture Building, Performance Management and Improvement, Systems Thinking, Change Management, Organisation Development, Positive Psychology, Human Factors, Adversity Quotient, Mindfulness, Organisational Communication, Women in Management, etc.

She is a Member with professional bodies like ISTD, NHRD, etc.

Her current research interest is in the area of Agribusiness, Human Factors, and Human Resources issues in large public sector organisations.

Dr. PrabhatiPati

Professor & Area Chairperson, Business Communication Area,

Centre for Management Studies

Administrative Staff College of India,

Bella Vista, Raj Bhavan Road,

Hyderabad 500 082.


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