Dr. Rupam Mandal has joined ASCI in June 2019 as Assistant Professor in Centre for Poverty Studies and Rural Development. He did his Ph.D in Zoology (Small Scale Rural Aquaculture and Livelihood Promotion) in 2013 and M.Sc in Zoology with Specialisation in Fisheries in 1994 from University of Kalyani, West Bengal. 

Dr. Mandal is an experienced researcher-cum-practitioner with 24 years’ cross-sectoral multi-stakeholder programme development & management (research and practice) experience, directly and through partnership with Multi-lateral (UNEP) & Bi-lateral Agencies (Norwegian Environment Agency, DFID) / NGOs (AFPRO, IGSSS, BASIX) / INGOs (CARE India)/ Government (National Biodiversity Authority, Botanical Survey of India, Govt of India; Panchayat & Rural Development Department, Department of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal / Corporates (Johnson & Johnson Ltd.) as Team Leader in the sector of Natural Resource Management (Agriculture, Fisheries & Aquaculture, Forestry and Biodiversity Conservation being major areas, with focus on sustainable use and conservation of land and water resources, ecosystem management and enhancing adaptability to climate change) & Sustainable Livelihood Promotion (especially through adoption of low cost environment-friendly technology, capacity building throughout the value chain, financial inclusion, creating para-professionals, promoting livelihood collectives like SHGs, BMCs, Farmers’ Clubs, FPCs, Farmer Producer Organisations;  and establishing market linkage) and Governance (especially Local Self Governance). He has unique experience of leading large team of professionals at all levels i.e. at district, state, region and national level.

He has been extensively engaged in grant making, consulting, capacity building, strategic planning & implementation, project cycle management, result based management; policy analysis, advocacy and advisory; technical guidance, monitoring & evaluation, impact assessment, knowledge building & knowledge dissemination, designing strategies for social mobilization & institution building, financial inclusion and livelihood promotion.

He is a well-known trainer and conducted a few hundred training programmes by now for building capacity (in aforementioned areas) of a diverse group of functionaries (national and international) including policy makers, officers of related line departments of Central & State Governments, scientists, academia, industry personnel, NGOs, CSR foundations, Banks, PRI functionaries and Cooperative & Livelihood Collectives leaders, legal and media professionals.

With recent past assignment at CEBPOL, he was engaged (through leading a team of senior level thematic experts, being Head of the centre) in collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of information relating to biodiversity policies and laws at regional, national and international levels (in direct collaboration with Norwegian Environment Agency, Norwegian Institute of Nature Research, Fridjtof Nansen Institute, Norway and The Royal Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi),  executing short and long-term training courses and sensitization programmes, preparing country’s position papers on various aspects relating to biodiversity policies and laws for international meetings and negotiations (particularly CBD, SBSTTA, SBI, Nagoya Protocol, IPBES), establishing appropriate linkages with other similar centres / institutions, both nationally and internationally. The focus was on six identified thematic areas including Access and Benefit Sharing, Mainstreaming of biodiversity (especially into land and water based production sectors like agriculture, fishery & aquaculture and forestry), Invasive Alien Species, Interface with other Multilateral Environmental Agreements / Organizations, Nature Index and Training, Capacity Building & Human Resource Development. He developed first of its kind Training Module and Manual on Biodiversity Governance for building capacity of Panchayat Functionaries across the country, in collaboration with NIRDPR, Hyderabad.

Dr. Mandal is a member of some national and international professional bodies including World Aquaculture Society, Inland Fisheries Society of India etc. He is a Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of India nominated Expert on Synthetic Biology to online discussion forum under Secretariat of Convention of Biological Diversity (SCBD), Montreal, Canada. He is also an External Reviewer of Global Assessment of International Platform of Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Bonn, Germany. He has few books, policy documents, research papers, case studies, training manuals in his credit and delivered his research outcome in various conferences/seminars in the country and abroad.

Currently, he is engaged in research (including policy analysis), consulting, training and teaching in the area of agriculture & allied sectors (fisheries & aquaculture being major area) and rural development, corporate social responsibility, livelihood promotion and governance, with a focus on enhancing the sectoral contribution in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Dr. Rupam Mandal

Assistant Professor

Centre for Poverty Studies and Rural Development

Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI),

Bella Vista, Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad - 500 082, Telangana.

Tel (Direct): +91-40-66534208

EMail: rupammandal@asci.org.in