Dr. Harsh Sharma

Centre Director and Professor

Dr Harsh Sharma is currently Director of Centre for Public Policy, Governance and Performance. He is responsible for providing strategic direction, execution, business development, client management and administration. He has also led Centre for Innovations in Public Systems (An Autonomous Centre established by the Government of India) as Director and was involved in scouting, identifying, documenting, and replicating innovations in public systems.

He has more than 24 years of experience, including in research, consulting, teaching, capacity building and academic administration in public policy, innovations, management, green jobs, labour governance and international cooperation. He has comprehensive experience of working with Central and State Government Departments in all parts of India, PSUs, Private Sector, International Organisations and Developmental Agencies.

He has completed more than 25 large scale research and consulting projects, conducted more than 5000 hours of executive training impacting more than 2000 senior government officials and executives, published more than 20 papers and developed course materials including for SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad.

He has completed Advanced Professional Course on ‘Global Governance from German Development Institute Bonn; Advanced Training Programme in ‘Government Performance Management’ from Commonwealth Secretariat, London; Advanced Management Programme from SDA Bocconi, Italy; International Negotiations certification from German Foreign Ministry, Leading with Artificial Intelligence from Global Leadership Academy, ITC-ILO, Turin and GIZ; Train the Trainer certifications from Humboldt University Berlin, GIZ Germany, and Certificate on ‘Gaming and Simulation’ from International Association of Gaming and Simulation; Leadership Training Certification on SDGs from United Nations System Staff College and MGG Network, New York.

He did his PhD from GGS (IP) University, Delhi on ‘Training Effectiveness Evaluation’. He holds three Post Graduate qualifications, including M.Sc. (Chemistry), MA (Industrial Sociology), PGDBA (HRM) and certifications in training and development and data analysis.


Dr. Harsh Sharma

Professor and Director – Centre for Public Policy, Governance and Performance

Administrative Staff College of India,

Bella Vista, Raj Bhavan Road,

Hyderabad 500 082.



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