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In-Company Training Programs
Advanced Techno Management Programme - DST (24-Mar-2014 to 25-Apr-2014)
Prof. G. Mohan
Mr.Dipesh Dipu

Programme on Curricula Development on Fabrication, Production and Manufacturing - Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt of India (7-Apr-2014 to 11-Apr-2014)
Mr. Rajkiran Bilolikar

Programme on Curricula Development on Mines and Mineral Processing & Beauty and Wellness - Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt of India (7-Apr-2014 to 11-Apr-2014)
Dr.Shahaida P
Dr.Balbir Singh

Capacity Building for ITI Principals - Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India (7-Apr-2014 to 11-Apr-2014)
Dr.Subhashini P

Capacity Building for ITI Principals - Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India (7-Apr-2014 to 11-Apr-2014)
Dr Sutanuka Dev Roy

Developing Positive Thinking for Vertical Integration for Senior Executives of PGCIL (7-Apr-2014 to 9-Apr-2014)

Public Financial Management for MCIT, Govt of Afghanistan (7-Apr-2014 to 11-Apr-2014)
Ms.M V Anjali
Ms. Ashita Allamraju

Capacity Building Programme for ITI Principals (14-Apr-2014 to 18-Apr-2014)
Dr. Lakshmi B

Capacity Building Programme for ITI Principals ( 2 Batches) (21-Apr-2014 to 25-Apr-2014)
Dr. Lakshmi B

Macroeconomic Planning, Input & Output Ratio, Computable General Equilibruim Models & Construction (21-Apr-2014 to 25-Apr-2014)
Dr Sutanuka Dev Roy

General Management Programme for Middle Level Executives of Coal India Ltd (21-Apr-2014 to 2-May-2014)
Dr. Prabhati Pati
Mr. B.V.N. Sachendra

Capacity Building Programme for ITI Principals (28-Apr-2014 to 2-May-2014)
Dr. Lakshmi B


Finance for Non Finance for their Executives by Indus Towers Ltd at Gurgaon (7-Apr-2014 to 8-Apr-2014)
Professor Mubeen Rafat

Director Dr. Hemnath Rao
Address Contact

Dr. H. Hemnath Rao
Professor & Director,
Centre for Poverty & Rural Development
Administrative Staff College of India,
Bella Vista, Raj Bhavan Road,
Hyderabad 500 082.


Dr. Hemnath Rao, H., currently Professor and Director, Centre for Poverty and Rural Development, ASCI, is a Doctorate, with Masters in Business Administration from both JNTU, India and Durham, UK. He presents a distinctive blend of professional exposure to both business and development management that complements his outstanding academic background.

While on ASCI’s faculty since 1996, Prof. Rao served as Head, Tata Management Development Centre, Jamshedpur for a year (2003-’04). He has been lecturing at leading management institutions in India and abroad and is a visiting Professor at the Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad and at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He researched and presented papers in national and international conferences and has authored a widely read book, ‘Tryst With Global Competition’.

 Dr. Hemnath Rao’s work experience over the last quarter century involved senior management responsibilities in organizations across the private, public and co-operative sectors. He is actively associated with the formulation of corporate and competitive strategies for large and small businesses, and contributed to strategic restructuring of various departments/ institutions of Government of India and States. He has also designed and delivered programmes in strategic management, agribusiness strategies, rural management and advanced general management for senior and top management of large public and private sector enterprises, senior civil servants, technocrats and entrepreneurs within and outside India.



Current Interests

His areas of interest include Strategic Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Agribusinesses, Agricultural Research and Innovation, Rural Management, Rural Co-operatives, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Strategic Leadership, Good Public Governance, Local Self Governance and Strategic Management of Change.

'Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness
Effective Trade Union Management
Inventory Management
Operationalising Second Generation Urban Reforms
Environmental Impact Assessment for Projects
Customer Insight, Relationship and Experience Management
Enhancing Sales Performance through Effective Leadership
Companies Act, 2013 – Impact on Corporates
International Programme on Procurement Procedures for World Bank Aided Projects