Individual Excellence for Organizational Effectiveness
Financial Systems, Management and Accountability in Government
Programme for Young Managers
Change Management for Achieving Continuous Water Supply (24/7) for All in Urban Areas
MDP for Women Executives
Materials and Supply Chain Management
SDGs and Climate Change: Opportunities and Challenges of Adaptation and Mitigation
High Impact Sales Management
Smart Grid Technology and Its Application in Power Sector
Strategic R & D Management
Leadership Engagement and Development
Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills
Finance for Non-Finance Executives
Index Based Crop Insurance-Concepts, Design and Implementation
Team Dynamics: Activity Based Approach
Effective Trade Union Management
Leadership Skills Development
Leveraging Big Data and Analytics
General Management Programme for Senior Executives (SEC) - 132
Personal Effectiveness
Developments in Power Market (Impact of Renewables and EVs)|26-11-2018 to 28-11-2018
Public Procurement|26-11-2018 to 28-11-2018
Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation|27-11-2018 to 29-11-2018
Best Practices in Management and CSR|29-11-2018 to 30-11-2018
MDP for Faculty of Government Sponsored Hospitality Management Institutes|03-12-2018 to 14-12-2018
GMP for Women Scientists|03-12-2018 to 14-12-2018