Vol.9  No.1  September, 1979

P K Brahma Art of Decision-Making at the Central Government: Process, Problems, and Possible Panaceas
Radha Rao Chaganti Innovation in Government Organisations: A Comparative Review
M Scott Myers Towards Organisational Democracy
Mohinder N Kaura

C S Balasubramaniam

Inter-firm Comparison of Financial Performance of Selected Cement Companies in India: A Cause and Effect Approach
Sion Raveed

Uma Sekaran

Executives Attitudes Towards Foreign Equity Investment
Research Note
R D Pathak Job Involvement and Need Fulfilment in a Nationalised Bank at Chandigarh: A Study

Vol.9  No.2  March, 1980

V R Krishna Iyer Corporate Responsibility and Social Justice
Kamta Prasad

Mukund Dixit

Corporation Tax Policy and Investment Behavior
B L Maheshwari Participation in Organisational Decision-making