Vol.6  No.1  September, 1976

A J Prasad

Export of Technology from India

Uday C Desai Goal Incongruence in a Government Agency: Study of Education Department
R K Pachauri Management of Corporate Cash Balances: An Analytical Approach
V Ramakrishnan Rural Development: Human Resources Utilisation Approach
Dharni P Sinha Team-Building in a Mining Organisation
Review Article
J Mahender Reddy Economics of Advertising: Some Empirical Evidence

Vol.6  No.2  March, 1977

A V Srinivasan

Executive Development in India: A Futuristic Profile

B L Maheshwari Internal Change-Agent: Experiences in MbO Implementation
T V S Ramamohan Rao

Arun K Dua

Working Capital and the Operating Cycle: The Micro-level Norms
Udai Pareek Inter-personal Feedback: The Transaction for Mutuality
V G Patel Innovations in Small Enterprise Development: Gujarat Experience
Review Article
Purnima Sinha Transactional Analysis: Theory and Practice
Research Note
P Singh

G S Das

Organizational Culture and its Impact on Commitment to Work