Vol.5  No.1  September, 1975

Angela Bowey Industrial Relations Implications of Abortive Expansion Plans
T Venkateswara Rao Role-Set Based Assessment Centre Approach to Personnel Selection
K Gopalakrishnayya Management of Family Planning at the Implementation Level
P Krishna Rao

Balwanth Reddy

An Analytical Basis for Storage Facilities of Foodgrains
V Ramakrishnan Village Industries Development: Management Perspectives
I Moses Transplantation of Technology Problems of Management
Research Note
Distribution Planning and Organisation of Farm Machinery and Equipment

Vol.5  No.2  March, 1976

B L Maheshwari

Anil Chaturvedi

Management Process in Government

S R Ganesh  Institution Building: Evolution and Engineering
Usha Kumar Evaluation of Training Programmes in the Paradigm of Research
J Mahender Reddy Demand Forecasting for Management Decision-Making
P L Tandon A View from the Top
Review Article
Omer Bin Sayeed Educational Administration in India: Concerns and Trends