Vol. 42  No. 1  September, 2012


Shahana Sheikh
Mukul G.Asher
A Case for Developing the Municipal Bond Market in India

Subbaiah Singala
N.R.V.V.M.K. Rajendra Kumar

The Global Financial Crises with a Focus on the European Sovereign Debt Crisis
Kamal Kumar
Nirmalya Bagchi
A.Venkata Rao
Shift System of Functioning in Hyderabad Police: A Case Study
Mohini S.Samudra
Milind Phadtare
Factors Influencing the Adoption of Mobile Banking with Special Reference to Pune City
Suchi Dubey
Masroor Alam
Service Quality from a Resource-Based Perspective for Innovations in the Indian Banking Industry

ASCI Lectures

Meghnad J. Desai Could the Indian Economy Do Better?

Vol. 42  No. 2  March, 2013

General Papers

K. Anand
L. Prasad
Deepak K. Sinha
Srinivas Prakhya
Exploring the Relationship between Top Management's Peripheral Vision, Their Leadership Orientations, and Employees'Organizational Identification as Perceived by Knowledge Workers: An Empirical Analysis
B. Lakshmi Human Development Challenges in Papua New Guinea: Key Policy Issues in Health and Education
Gurpreet Randhawa
Komal Narang
Women in Police: Employment Status and Challenges
Geetika Singh Green: The New Colour of Marketing in India

ASCI Lectures

Kirit S. Parikh Pricing of Petroleum Products: Importance and Options
V. S. Rama Devi The Need for a Second Renaissance