Vol. 40  No. 1 September, 2010

Arun Nigavekar Cultivating Leaders for Educational Institutions

Subbaiah Singala

Ashita Allamraju

The Economics of Migrant Worker's Remittances to India

Masood H Siddiqui

Shalini N Tripathi

Performance of Tourist Centres in Uttar Pradesh: An Evaluation Using Data Envelopment Analysis
Y Venugopal Reddy Recent International Financial Turmoil and Its Implications for Developing Countries
B Muthuraman The Real Purpose of an Industrial Enterprise
R D Pradhan Conflict Resolution in Contemporary India: Where Are We Heading?

Vol. 40  No. 2  March, 2011

Savita Shankar

Mukul G Asher

The Microfinance Sector in India: Which Way Now?

Subbaiah Singala

Yamini Atmavilas

Ekta Singh

Special Economic Zones in India: Polices, Performance and Problems

Trupti Dandekar Humnekar

Milind Phadtare

Reliability of SERVQUAL in the Hotel Sector of Pune City: An Empirical Investigation

Sadhana Srivastava

Rahul Sen

Is Production Fragmentation Emerging in India's Manufacturing Trade?

Srinivas Kolluru

Rankings of Indian Business Schools: A Statistical Analysis

Jayant Yardi

The Recent Financial Crisis: Observations of a Career Banker

N Santosh Hegde

Effect of Corruption on Good Governance?

Sunil Mitra

The Indian Tax System and its Reforms

Abijit Sen

Keynote Address at National Seminar on Weather Insurance