Vol.4  No.1  September, 1974

B L Maheshwari

S R Ganesh

Management by Objectives : The Indian Experience
S K Chakraborty Key Results Analysis Techniques in Management by Objectives
S Venu Role of the Business Economist
Y Nayudamma Management of Science: Challenges and Perspectives
P Murari Chief Executive : Demi-God or Doctor?
R K Talwar Credit Policy: The Emerging Patterns
Research Notes
Management Process in Scientific Research Laboratories

Vol.4  No.2  March, 1975

Dharni P Sinha

Shyamal Gupta

Strangers Labs and Family Labs A Comparison of their Learning Outcomes
Udai Pareek Process Consultation in an International Conference
S R Ganesh

A K Malhotra

Work Values of Indian Managers
Satish K Arora Policy Sciences: Researching How Without Asking Why?
Nitish K Sengupta Control of Monopolies : Experience and Implications
Review Articles
Abha Chaturvedi Values and Behavior in Organisations
K Dutta Programme Budgeting: Evolution, Practice and Trends