Vol. 39  No. 1  September, 2009

Mukul G Asher Pension Plans, Provident Fund Schemes and Retirement Policies: India's Social Security Reform Imperative
Arun Nigavekar Redefining the Role of Universities in a Knowledge Economy: Can India Transform Its Education System to Serve the New Role?

K S Raman

Swati Wig

Risk Management in Large Information Systems (IS) Projects: A Case Study of the Indian Railways Computerized Passenger Reservation System
Vijay Kelkar Financial Inclusion for Inclusive Growth
Sam Pitroda Knowledge for Growth: Harnessing India's Demographic Dividend
V Krishnamurthy Development of a Competitive Manufacturing Industry

Vol. 39  No. 2  March, 2010

Percy S Mistry The Unfolding Global Crisis: What It Implies for India's Growth

Subbaiah Singala

Mukul G Asher

Rethinking Financial Sector Regulation in the Aftermath of the Global Economic Crisis
S K Rao The Global Economic Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities for Public Administration

Andrea Lin

Kavita Karan

Internet and Information Circulation: Motivations for Passing on the Message Online
P H Rao A Framework for Building Competency: Improving the Quality of Care at the Primary Health Level
N K Singh Improving Parliamentary Oversight
Ajit Shetty The Pharmaceutical Industry: Current Challenges