Vol. 38  No. 1  September, 2008

Readiness of the Civil Service to Meet Current Challenges
S S Tarapore Strategies for Medium and Small Enterprises in Dealing with Financial Sector Reforms
Kamal Kumar Terrorism, Rule of Law and Police Reforms

Daphne de Rebello

Khadeeja Z Mohamed Ali

The Best of Both Worlds: A Case Study of an Innovative Industry-university Collaboration
C J Batliwalla Disaster Management - How Well Are We Prepared?
Percy S Mistry Global Turbulence: Its Unfolding Trajectory and the Likely Implications for India
Arvind Panagariya The Indian Growth Miracle: What Are the Lessons?
M Ramachandran Keynote Address
Srinivas Chary Vedala National Urban Water Awards

Vol. 38  No. 2  March, 2009

Sanjaya Baru The Global Economic Slowdown: Geopolitical Implications for India

Subbaiah Singala

Bhanoji Rao

Global Financial Stability: The Missing Agenda
C Sambasiva Rao Next Generation Mobile Telephony in India: A Critical Appraisal of 3G Spectrum Allocation

Gulshan Kumar

Avtar Singh

Growth and Productivity Analysis of the Chemical Products Industry in Punjab
Abid Hussain Being and Becoming an Indian
Richard Stagg The Role of the Public Service in the Twenty-first Century Democracy
G N Bajpai Corporate Governance: Tyranny or Triumph?