Vol. 37  No. 1 September, 2007 

K Balakesari Curbing Corruption in the Indian Railways
Jyoti S A Bhat Small and Medium Enterprises and Intellectual Property Rights
Manoj T Thomas NGOs and Grassroots Innovation in Natural Resource Management : A Study of Six NGOs in Western India

M Surendar Reddy

B Lakshmi

Improving Service Delivery for Better Outcomes : A Case Study of Kerala
Duvvuri Subbarao Elephants Too Dance : The India Growth Story
P Chidambaram High Growth : What It Means, What It Entails

Vol. 37  No. 2  March, 2008 

M Narasimham Opening Remarks
Mani Shankar Aiyar Inaugural Address
K Padmanabhaiah Development of India’s North-Eastern Region : Some Reflections
H S Brahma Ensuring Peace Through Development in the North-East
Kamal Kumar Peace and Development in India’s North-Eastern Region : The Role of the Police
P P Shrivastav Infrastructure Development in the North-Eastern Region : Focus on Human Resources
Sanjoy Hazarika Think Innovatively, Plan Realistically and Govern with Participation
R V Shahi Tapping the Hydro-electric Potential of the North-Eastern Region
K G Karmakar Agriculture and Rural Development in North-Eastern India : The Role of NABARD
Deepak Sanan Development Lessons from the Himachal Pradesh Experience
M P Bezbaruah Development Trends and the Role of Tourism in the North-East
Ravi Bhoothalingam China’s South-West and India’s North-East: Comparisons and Learning

D K Bhalla

Dharmendra Prakash

Exploiting Trade Opportunities in the North-Eastern Region of India
Nilanjan Banik India’s Exports: An Analysis