VOL. 31  NO. (1&2) March, 2002

Rajeeva Ratna Shah Towards a Policy Framework for IT in India
Sam Pitroda Changing the Focus of IT: From Industry to People
R K Bagga IT Policies and their Implementation in India
Osama Manzar Creation of a Knowledge Society through Multilingual ICT Solutions
Kenneth Keniston Grassroots ICT Projects in India
Ashok Jhunjhunwala Challenges in Rural Connectivity for India
T H Chowdary Demonopolization in the Era of Convergence
Ranganayakulu Bodavala ICT Applications in Public Healthcare System in India: A Review
V P Gulati

M V Sivakumaran

C Manogna

IT Framework for the Indian Banking Sector
Ghanshyam Purswani Cyber Crime Detection, Investigation and Prosecution
C R Chakravarthy E-security: The Need of the Hour in India
Anurag Dave In-house Development as Long-term Solution for Cryptographic Self-sufficiency
C Chitti Pantulu ICT for Governance: Pushing it Down the Net
J Satyanarayana Vision of E-government in Andhra Pradesh
Anil Srivastava ICT-human Development Interface: Charting the Growth Path in Madhya Pradesh
C S R Prabhu Collectorate-2000

Ravi Shankar Ayyanar

Ashwin Raj

E-governance and the Police: The Nizamabad Experiment
N G Satish IT: A Select Webliography