Vol.3  No.1  September, 1973

G S Aurora

Structuring R & D Institutions : Ideals and Realities

B L Maheshwari

Ashok K Malhotra

Structural Changes in Indian Companies: Some Issues
M B S Henry

S K Malhotra

M B O in Madura Mills : A Case Study
A K Chatterjee Quality Control : A Perspective
P Seshachalam Family Planning Programme in the Organised Industrial Sector
Dilip K Lahiri Motivation of Managers: What Indian Managers want from their Jobs?
Review Articles
S R Ganesh Organisational Change: Contribution of Organisation Development
 P Seshachalam Family Planning in India: Programme Evaluation
Research Notes
Creation of Employment Opportunities and Mechanisation in Agriculture
Government, Industry and Export Strategy

Vol.3  No.2  March, 1974

V A Pai Panandiker

Bureaucracy and Policy Making

Wayne G Broehl Jr Identifying and Training Change Agents
Radha C Rao Transfer of Technology : Problems in Industrial Marketing
Rajesh Kanwar Industry Response to Export Policy
M Scott Myers

Vincent S Flowers

Dollarising Attitudes
Kamala Mathur Bonus-A Changing Concept
Review Article
Ashok K Malhotra

Anil Chaturvedi

Sensitivity Training: Values and Validity 
Research Notes
Indian Joint Ventures Abroad
Planning and Control Systems in India