Vol.29 No.1 September, 1999

K C Mishra

A Clinical Approach to Asset-liability Management

David Newton

Douglas Wood

Asset-liability and Value at Risk Perspectives on Capital Adequacy
Rajas Parchure

Sharmila Ranade

Optimal Claim Reserving and Claim Reserve Investing: An Asset-liability Management Perspective
Surendra Sundararajan A 'Key Factors for Success' Approach to Asset-liability Management
Simita Mishra

Prashant K Sahoo

Asset-liability Management: The Weak-strong Divide
R Vaidyanathan Asset-liability Management: Issues and Trends in Indian Context
Anil K Sood Asset-liability Management: Challenges in Implementation
G R K Murty Asset-liability Management: Implementation Challenges in Banks
M K Datar Asset-liability Management in Development Financial Institutions: The Tasks Ahead
A K Sohani Asset-liability Management: Human Resource Issues and Contexts
S Rajagopal Asset-liability Management: A Bank CEO's Perspective

Vol.29 No.2 March, 2000

Usha Ramachandra

Regulatory Reforms: An Overview

S Sundar

S K Sarkar

Quality of Service: The Ultimate Objective of Regulation?
Manubhai Shah Regulatory Authorities and Consumer Interest
Wayne Shirley A U.S. Regulator's Perspective on India's Electric Industry Restructuring
Craig Glazer

Raman Ravisankar

Sridhar Samudrala

Regulatory Challenges: The U.S. Experience and its Potential Relevance to India
T L Sankar

Usha Ramachandra

Regulation of the Indian Power Sector
T H Chowdary Regulation of Telecom in India
Y Satyanarayana Reforms and Regulation in Passenger Road Transport and State Transport Undertakings

B Kinnera Murthy

Intent and Implementation: A Case of Regulation in Road Transport