Vol.28 No.1 September, 1998 

Sheilah Meikle Keeping Policy up to Date: The Impact of Political and Economic Change on Resettlement Policy
Walter Fernandes Eminent Domain, Public Purpose, Land Acquisition, and the Tribals
Gautam Pingle Resettlement and Rehabilitation: A Change in the Basic Paradigm
K S Ramesh Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Families Displaced by Development Projects: Corporate Social Responsibility
Gordon Appleby Building Management Capacity for Resettlement Operations: Experiences from EDIEN-ASCI Training Program
B N Yugandhar Land Acquisition for Non-existent Aluminum Projects: Experience of Displacement of Tribals in the Scheduled Areas of Orissa
K C Mishra Resettlement and Rehabilitation: Confining the Three States of Development Equity
Vasant Gumaste The Case for a National Policy on Rehabilitation
Latha Ravindran

P K Panigrahi

A K Mohanty

Comparative Analysis of Economic Status of People Before and After Displacement in Orissa's Upper Indravati Project
Mohit Das Resettlement and Rehabilitation in TISCO's Gopalpur Project
K Narender Resettlement and Rehabilitation in the Sardar Sarovar Project: Oustee Agony and Official Apathy
S Galab

M Gopinath Reddy

Displacement, Resettlement and Rehabilitation: A Case of Singoor Project in Andhra Pradesh
Simita Mishra A Symbolic Conversation with a Second Generation Kibbutz Dweller

Vol.28 No.2 March, 1999

Ajeet N Mathur The Human Price of Enterprise: Managing Individual and Organizational Boundaries when Learning Horizons Change
Prasad Bingi

Zoher E Shipchandler

Implementing Information Systems in Developing Countries
S K Sinha Experience of Managing Technology at IBP and Balmer Lawrie
B R Virmani Redefining Industrial Relations in the Changing Environment
R G Karmakar

Gyanendra mani

M Srinivasa rao

Nurturing Corporate-cooperative Linkages in Indian Agriculture
Raveena Singh Repositioning Public Relations as a Management Function: Perceptual and Paradigm Shifts
R Siva Kumar A Fresh Approach to Simplification of Industrial Rules and Procedures in India