Vol.27  No.(1&2) March, 1998

K R S Murthy

Corporate Governance: A Sociological Perspective

T V S Ramamohan Rao Corporate Governance, Control Mechanisms and Performance

Dawn-Marie Driscoll

W Michael Hoffman

Ethics and Corporate Governance: Leadership from the top
K C Mishra Value Measurement Paradigm of Corporate Governance
B Yerram Raju Corporate Governance: Models of Growth

A K Rao

B Murlidharan

Corporate Governance a People-Centered Perspective
N Balasubramanian Changing Perceptions of Corporate Governance in India
N J Jhaveri Corporate Governance: The Concept and its Implications in the Indian Context
Geeta Gouri Public Enterprise Disinvestment and Corporate Governance: A Conceptual Framework
R K Mishra Corporate Governance in Public Enterprises: A New Framework
Y R K Reddy Corporate Governance and Public Enterprise: From Heuristics to an Action Agenda in the Indian Context
James McRitchie McRitchie's Collage: Bibliography and Book Reviews on Corporate Governance