Vol.25  No.1 September, 1995

B Yerram Raju

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Shrimp Culture in Andhra Pradesh

B Bhattacharyya Foreign Direct Investment in the Context of the General Agreement on Trade in Services
Christopher Orpen Outsourcing Work: The Strategic Management of Invisible Employees

C Prabhakara Babu

Aradhana Sharma

Capital Budgeting Practices in Indian Industry - An Empirical Study
Rachid Zeffane Inter-Organisational Alliance and Networking: The Enabling Role of Information Technology

Vol.25  No.2 March, 1996

G R S Rao Ethics Agenda Before International Business
Bernard Arogyaswamy, Deepak Manchanda Multi-pronged Strategies: Balancing Tradition and Technology the Dabur Way
Arif A. Waqif Perspectives on Sustainable Employment Generation through Industralization
U Rao Cherukuri Capital Budget Practices: A Comparative Study of India and Select South East Asian Countries
B Yerram Raju Small Scale Industries in India: A Policy Perspective