Vol.24  No.1 September, 1994

Cynthia Van Hulle

Ajeet N Mathur

Managing a Nation: Who is in Charge? The Market for Political Control

R Narayanaswamy

Pitabas Mohanty

Changing Forms of Accounting and Control Systems and the Consequences for Learning: An Exploratory Study

K N Reddy

Need for Reform in Health Sector: Can National Health Insurance be an Alternative

V S Kaveri Credit Management in Banks: Issues and Suggestions
Christopher Orpen Role of Coaching in Human Resource Management

Vol.24  No.2 March, 1995

Hrishikesh Bhattacharya Towards the Development of a Single Comprehensive Ratio for Prediction Corporate Failure

P Singh

Asha Bhandarker

L Prasad

Crisis of Innovation: The Indian Scenario

Mohinder N Kaura

Satish Pulle

Restructuring of Banks: An Evaluation of Key Issues in Implementation
Dilip K Das Changing Morphology of the Asia Pacific Region
B Narasimhan Natural Disaster Management: Current Concerns
Nitish Sengupta The Uninitiated and Unfinished Aspects of the Economic Reforms Agenda
Jandhyala Narayan Globalisation: Some Strategic Implications