Vol.23  No.1 September, 1993

B R Virmani

Kala Rao

Financing Higher Education: Qualitative Dimensions

Mallika Das A Profile of Successful Exporters From India: Findings and Implications for Decision - Markers

Poonam Mital

K B Akhilesh

Team Building: Quo Vadis?
S N Sarma Variability of Earnings: Price Ratios of Indian Equities
V Suchitra Mouly Organisational Communication: A Critical Literature Review

Vol.23  No.2 March, 1994

V Suchitra Mouly

Jayaram K Sankaran

Organisational Effectiveness: An Ethnographic Perspective

C Bhaktavatsala Rao Productivity and Competitiveness: A Model for Developing Economics
Dinesh K Gupta The Jaggi-Lau Model of Human Resource Accounting Revisited
Rachid Zeffane Inter-Organisational Alliance and Networking: A Novel Trend in Managing Businesses in the Nineties