Vol.22  No.1 June, 1992

C Krishnamurthy

Quality Circles in Bharat Electronics: A Review

Nand Dhameja Fixed Assets Revaluation: Practices and Financial Aspects
G S Shergill Measures of Firm Diversification

K N Krishnaswamy

V S Shanthamani

Prince D Vijaykumar

Influence of Situation on Decision-Making Styles of Manufacturing Executives
Preimila Verma Memorandum of Understanding: Panacea for Public Sector Illness?
C Subramaniam Need for Human Resource Development in Plantation Industry

Vol.22  No.2-3 September-December, 1992

C Bhaktavatsala Rao

Technology and Industry Structure: A Strategic Management Perspective

G S Das Development of an Empowering Scale: Item Analysis and Factor Structure

P Singh

Asha Bhandarker

Strategic Thinking: New Agenda for the Indian Corporate World
B Kinneramurthy Towards Being Competitive: How Strategic is the Marketing Thinking in Organisations?
D Prabhakar Rao Human Asset Accounting: An Evaluation of the Indian Practice
Rachid Zeffane Strategic Thinking for Organisational Structures and Management

Vol.22  No.4  March, 1993

R Bandopadhyay

Drilling Holes in a Cobweb: Long Journey of an Executive

C Bhaktavatsala Rao

L V L N Sarma

Indian Automobile Industry: A Framework for Analysis of Performance

Lakshmanan Prasad

Albert H Rubenstein

Consequences of Organisational Politics During Technological Innovation Process: A Conceptual Framework

I M Pandey

Ramesh Bhat

How should Companies Estimate their cost of Capital?
B G Raghavendra Advertising Media Planning and the Financial Portfolio Problem: Some Comparisons
C S Venkata Ratnam Adjustment Through Privatisation: The Indian Agenda