Vol.21  No.1  June, 1991

Hari Das

The Nature of Managerial Work in India: A Preliminary Investigation

Robert Chambers Rural Development in India: Reversals for Diversity

Leonore K Ken

U Rao Cherukuri

Current Practices in Capital Budgeting: Cost of Capital and Risk Adjustment
B Brahmaiah Leasing Industry in India: Problems and Prospects
A V Srinivasan Quality Circle Movement in India: A Status Report

Vol.21  No.2-3  September - December, 1991

B Bowonder

Managing Technology: Emerging Trends

Keith Pavitt What we know about the Strategic Management of Technology
A W Pearson Managing Innovation and Technology Transfer
William F Hamilton Strategic Choices: Positioning for Technological Innovation
G R Mitchell Business Strategy and Technology Management

N Mohan Reddy

Liming Zhao

Technology Transfer from Developed Countries to Less Developed Countries: Some Emerging Issues

Asma A U Syeda

S R Ganesh

New Mores, New Marriages: Reconceptualising Strategic Alliances from an Institution-Building Perspective

Wm E Souder

Ramesh Iyer

Life Cycle Cost and Time Patterns of New Product Innovations
B S Chetty Achieving Manufacturing Strategic Advantage through FMS

Vol.21  No.4  March, 1992

Asma A U Syeda

S R Ganesh

Strategic Alliances: Shifts, Underlying Factors, and Implications

G S Shergill Administrative Structure and Financial Performance of a Firm: Impact of Diversification Strategy
Dinesh K Gupta Human Resource Accounting Disclosure Practices in India

S C Gupta

Vinita Mathur

Inter-Personal Trust Orientation: Conceptual Framework and Scale Development
L Reddeppa Effect of Incentives on Small Industries Development in Backward Districts of AP
Arabinda Ray Management Education: From Generation to Generation