Vol.20  No.1  June, 1990

R A Yadav

Designing Management Information System for Monitoring Industrial Health

J D Singh Management of Export Marketing in India : A Pilot Study
B K Malleswari Marketing Applications of Knowledge-based Expert Systems
Dinesh K Gupta Human Resource Accounting in India : A Perspective
S V S Raghavan Government and Public Sector Interface : Problems and Prospects

B Bowonder

T Miyake

Strategic Elements of Competitiveness of Japanese Electronics Industry : Lessons for the Developing World
Y R K Reddy Seasonality in Strike Activity : A Study with India Data

Vol.20  No.2-3  September - December, 1990

N Vaghul

Corporate Finance : Emerging Options

M Narasimham Challenges and Opportunities in the Financial Sector in the Nineties
P R Joshi Yen Finance and Its Implications for India
K D Umrootkar Exchange Risk Management
Prasanna Chandra Indian Capital Market : Pathways of Development

Gianna Durso

Paul Rothblatt

Employee Stock Ownership Plans
Sampat P Singh Financing Working Capital : Emerging Options
Mohinder N Kaura Lease Financing of Equipment in India : Development and Prospects
Narasimham Pappu Factoring in India A Note
Kalyani Ramachandran Critical Factors Influencing Financing Decisions : Credit Rating
Mubeen Rafat Critical Factors Influencing Financing Decisions : Regulatory Framework
K V S Prasad Corporate Finance Emerging Options : A Select Bibliography

Vol.20  No.4  March, 1991

Baldev R Sharma

Sarita Bhaskar

Determinants of Job Satisfaction among Engineers in a Public Sector Undertaking

Mathew J Manimala Turnaround Management : Lessons from Successful Cases
S Narasimha Sarma Bonus Shares : Dividend Changes

N C Gupta

G L Sharma

Dividend Behavior in Tea Industry in India : A Case Study of Selected Firms
S C Vaidya Profit Planning and Control in State Transport Undertakings
A S Rama Sastry Validation of Inventory Valuation by Sampling : A Simulation Approach A Note