Vol.2  No.1  September, 1972

S Subramaniam

Management Consultancy in India

N K R Moorthy

Consulting and Applied Research at ASCI

N K Somani

Consultancy and its Role in the Indian Economy

S R Ganesh

Towards an Understanding of Consulting Styles 

Ravi T Chandi

Management by Objectives in Practice : A Consultantís Viewpoint 

P K Pillay

International Marketing : Role of Consultancy Services

K Venkata Rao

Some Thoughts on the Measurement of Consultant's Contribution

R Balasubramaniam

Tribalism in Management 


Research Note

P Seshachalam

Industrial Family Welfare Planning

        Vol.2  No.2  March, 1973

K Gopalakrishnayya

Managerial Satisfaction and Performance

B L Maheshwari

The Role of MBO Adviser

V Ramakrishnan

Production Planning & Control

Dharni P Sinha

Organisation Development 

A J Prasad

Indiaís Export Strategy

N K Sen Gupta

Trends in Corporate Management Since Independence

Ward Morehouse

Institution-building Revisited: Organisational Strategies for Devlopment of Science and Technology in Asia


Review Articles

A V Srinivasan

Systems Approach

R Ram Mohan Rao

Public Sector Management Perspective of COPU


Research Notes

Impact of Drug Prices Control on Marketing of Pharmaceuticals

Impact of Minor Irrigation and Rural Electrification on Employment