Vol.19  No.1  September, 1989

M Narasimham Globalisation of Financial Markets and India
Madhukar Shukla The Innovator and the Mandarin : A Study of Motivational Patterns of Creative Individuals
S Shiva Ramu Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation : Implications On BHEL R&D

L Shridharan

M Surender Reddy

Cardamom and Small Growers : The Emerging Options
S Satish Indian Agriculture in 2000 AD
Review Articles

G Narayana

Ch V S Sita Rama Rao

Government and Voluntary Agencies : A Review of Relationships
Sudarsanam Padam Absenteeism : Strategies for Effective Control (Notes and Views)

Vol.19  No.2  March, 1990

D Vijaya Kumar

V S Shanthamani

K N Krishnaswamy

Decision-Making Styles of Manufacturing Executives: An Instrument for Classification
G S Das Frustration in an Organisation : Its Relationships with Organisational Conflicts, Task Unpredictability & Type A Personality
Arabinda Ray The Chief Executive and Management Style
B S Chetty Japanese Manufacturing : Lessons for India
I M Pandey Capital Structure Decisions in Development Finance Institutions : Policy Implications
Nand  Dhameja Financial Reporting in Pes : A Case for Treating Cost of Equity Capital As An Expense
K S Sastry Performance Evaluation of Public Enterprises : An Organisational Index Approach