Vol.18  No.1  September, 1988

B R Virmani

Planning for Human Resource Development : Implications of Technology Revolution

Madhukar Shukla

Productivity Agreements : Impact on Industrial Relations Scenario

G Satyanarayana

Dealing with Indiscipline : Role of the Personnel Manager

U Pandey

Communication Network: A Study of Two Rural Communities

Sunil Unny Guptan

Paternalism in Indian Organisations

Vol.18  No.2  March, 1989

K K Singh

Irrigation Management by Farmers: The Indian Experience

Mathew J Manimala Organizational Ideology : Perceptions of Middle-Level Managers
Mubeen Noor Restructuring the Capital Market in India
Anjana Chatterjee Small-Scale Industries : Need for Regional Economic Co-operation in South Asia