Vol.17  No.1  September, 1987

S Karunes

Role of Age in Scientific Productivity : Steps to Stem the Rot

B R Virmani Technology Transfer and its Implications for Manpower Planning and Productivity
G S Das Conflict Management Styles of Efficient Branch Managers : As perceived by Others
K Paul Chinnasamy Work Stress : Causes, Implications and Prevention
Mohinder N Kaura Zero-base Review for Budgeting in Govt. Depts : Implementation Implications
Sukumar Bhattacharya Foreign Collaboration and Income-tax

A S Prasada Reddy

Anjana Chatterjee

Industry and Trade Cooperation : Potentials and Constraints in SAARC

Vol.17  No.2  March, 1988

Arif A Waqif

Regional Economic Co-operation in South Asia : An Approach

Sushma Marathe

R T Chandi

Impediments to Effective use of Operations Research Techniques in Indian Industries : An Analysis
L Shridharan Experiences with District Planning Process in Karnataka
K K Singh The Administrative Culture and Rural Development Strategies

A Ramaswamy

S P Singal

V K Sinha

Critical Interventions in Development Programmes: A Note