Vol.16  No.1  September, 1986

Dharni P Sinha

Collaboration and Innovation : Strategy for Growth of Management Development Programmes at ASCI

Asha Bhandarker

P Singh

Managerial Stress : Study in Cyclical Perspective
Hari Das Time : A Missing Variable in Organisational Research
Mary IPE Federal Fiscal Transfers Through Finance Commissions: An Evaluation
B R Virmani Workers’ Participation Vs Collective Bargaining

Vol.16  No.2  March, 1987

Mohinder N Kaura

Diversification : Profile of Indian Industries

S R Ganesh Mega-Transitions in Family Businesses : A Personal Odyssey
Madhukar Shukla The Creative Individual : A Study of Organisational Stereotypes
G Pandey Perspective Plan for Poverty Alleviation : A Few Suggestions

B R Virmani

Simron Singh

Dysfunctioning of Participative Management : Role of Trade Union Leadership
B S Chetty Problems and Perspectives in Project Management : A Note