Vol.14  No.1  September, 1984

D Narasimha Reddy

Trade Union Objectives and Methods: Case of Southern Railway Employees Sangh

Sharit Bhowmik Trade Unions and Ethnic Conflicts: A Study of Plantation System in North Bengal
G S Das Managerial Helplessness: A Search for Some Characteristics
Arif A Waqif Some Dimensions of Multi-Level Planning With Special Reference to Rural Development

Vol.14  No.2  March, 1985

George Rosen

India’s Industrial Development: Perspectives and Implications

George Paul Corporate Diversification and a Set of Performance Propositions
Mohinder N Kaura

Rattan K Sharma

Financing Equipment Acquisition Through Lease : An Analysis
G N Seetharam Political Economy of Public Enterprises
S Shiva Ramu Pseudo – Management of SPEs – Perception of Middle Level Executives
Usha Kanhere Democracy in a WhiteCollar Union: A Note
B R Virmani

Premila Seth

Management Training and Development: An Evaluation Approach