Vol.13  No.1  September, 1983

Mohinder N Kaura

Budgeting for Support Departments: Relevance of Zero-base Review

R Venkatesan Mega Project Management: The Need for Support System
P Singh

Asha Bhandarker

Managerial Role: The Need for Clarity
Maya Reddi Team Development: A Review
J Ramakanth Inter-relations between Social Structures and Organisation
Arun Deekshit Computer Use in Management: Training and Education Needs in India

Vol.13  No.2  March, 1984

P Singh

Kokila Parthasarathy

Conflict Management Strategy A Scenario of Avoidance

V Krishna Purchase Ethics and Policies
K R Rao The Changing Environment in Pharmaceutical Marketing
J D Singh Marketing Management in India: The State of the Art
A V Srinivasan Nominal Group Technique: A Multivariate Management Tool