Vol.1  No.1  September, 1971

C D Deshmukh

Conservation of Natural Resources

Pitambar Pant

Strategy for Economic Development

M K K Nayar

Professionalisation of Managers

A D Moddie

The Indian Manager in His Environment

Gautam Mathur

An Essay on the Logic of Economic Policy

Lalit K Sen

The Growth Centre Concept and its Application to Development Planning

Sudipto Mundle

Theoretical Aspects of ‘Research & Development’ Evaluation

Harold Howe II Ralph Retzlaff

Observations in the Social Sciences in India

Vol.1  No.2  March, 1972

K K Singh

Management Development in India

A N Sarin

Management Development in ASCI

A N Agarwala

Pre-experience Training in Management in India

M S S Varadan

T Madhavan Kutty

Organisation Development : Systems Approach to In-company Training

N K Sen Gupta

Training Needs of Public Servants in a Changing Society

S N Mehrotra

Management Education Administration

K Subrahmanyam

Development of Defence Managers

Brig V Dhuruva

Some Perspectives in Defence Management

Brig Vishwa Mitter

Management Development for Defence Managers

B L Maheshwari

Issues in Management Development

Research Notes
Application of Science and Technology in Agriculture
Organisation of the Education Department of the Government of Mysore
Quick Survey on the Management and Administration of Education in Tamil Nadu