Dimple Grover, Ph.D., (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi), is an Associate Professor in the Center of Management Studies at ASCI. Her doctoral work: “Corporate Governance and Ethical Climate: A Study of Select Indian Companies,” is an interdisciplinary work with emphasis on Governance issues in Companies at Macro and micro level. Trained as an Industrial Psychologist she also holds an M.Phil degree from Delhi University and Masters from Allahabad University in the field of Industrial/Organizational Behavior.

She has conducted various training and management development programmes for senior executives and executives in public and private sector in the field of Corporate Governance (focus on Building good governance through HR Practices; Leadership and Governance; Values and Ethics); Career and Life Integration (emphasis on Stress Management and Work Life Balance); and Leading Teams (an orientation towards Talent Management and Employee Engagement)

Her area of specialization covers macro organizational behavior (how organizations move in markets and how their strategies regarding employees and leadership affect the performance of the entire organization), Corporate Governance, HR Governance.

Her research interest includes Leadership; Leadership and Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Visioning; Strategic Planning; Effective Communication; Team Building and Group Dynamics; Power, Influence and Ethics; and Facilitation and Collaborative Action Research.

Dr Dimple Grover is an affiliate of East West Center, Hawaii; and Brown International Advanced Research Institute (BIARI), Brown University, Rhode Island.

She has been to various countries like U.K; U.S.A; Canada; Japan and China for teaching, research and consulting assignments. She has various research papers to her credit.


Dr. Dimple Grover

Associate Professor - Human Resource Area, Centre for Management Studies

Administrative Staff College of India,

Bella Vista, Raj Bhavan Road,

Hyderabad 500 082.


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