Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, has awarded the following programmes for ASCI for 2018-19

Programs for all Scientists & Technologists
Program Title Dates Program Director(s)

Managing Technology Value Chains for Directors and Divisional Heads

Sep 3 – 7, 2018
(1 Week)
Prof. G. Mohan
Science Administration and Research Management Oct 22 – Nov 02, 2018
(2 Weeks)

Mr. Raja Shekhar Reddy

Prof. G. Mohan

Advanced Techno Management for Scientists Nov 12 – Dec 07, 2018
(4 Weeks)

Dr Nirmalya Bagchi

Dr Valli Manickam

General Management Programme for Women Scientists Dec 03 – 14, 2018
(2 Weeks) 
Prof Nirmala Apsingikar

Dr Sreerupa Sengupta













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