Dr. Valli Manickam, Professor and Area Chairperson, Environment Area, CEEUGID, ASCI, is a Ph.D in Environment and Masters in both Computer Applications and Sciences, with over 18 years of research and teaching experience in the field of Environmental Science and Technology. Prior to joining ASCI, she has worked at Centre for Atmospheric Sciences and Weather Modification and at Centre for Environment, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad. She has executed a DST Women Scientist Project for Lake Remediation technologies. Dr. Manickam has developed software for the automation of the water and wastewater treatment systems and has also designed and developed a database for storage of the data during cloud seeding operations.  She has worked for a number of environmental projects and activities which include environmental impact assessment study for taking up industrial or tourism activity, study of lakes in and around Hyderabad, study of pollution in surface and ground waters, review of environmental statements, risk assessment, common effluent treatment plants, air pollution assessment studies, weather modification operations.

She has worked in the area of climate change, developed a decision support system for storage and retrieval of geospatial data to help decision makers for the seven agro climatic regions in Andhra Pradesh. She has also been working on open data policy for the various state governments and government of India. Dr. Valli has conducted training programs in ASCI for IFS officers in the area of Natural Resource Management, Environmental Indicators and Environmental Economics, Climate change for forestry sector, besides organizing three international conferences and five workshops.

She has coauthored five books in the field of environment on Environmental Impact Assessment, Analytical Chemistry, C for Environmental Engineers, Climate Change and Weather Modification Technologies and Environmental Management – A primer. She has published around 25 papers in peer reviewed journals and also presented papers in various international conferences and workshops. She was awarded Associate Fellow of the AP Academy of Sciences for her contribution to the field of environmental science in 2010. She is also currently the associate editor for the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, by Taylor and Francis group. She is presently executing projects sponsored by MoEFCC, DST and other state governments.

Her current fields of interest include Environmental Impact Assessment, Modeling for environmental assessment, Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanisms.

Dr. ValliManickam

Professor and Area Chairperson, Environment Area.

Centre for Energy, Environment,Urban Governance and Infrastructure Development

Administrative Staff College of India,

Bella Vista, Raj Bhavan Road,

Hyderabad 500 082.


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