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On Campus - March 2015
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"Indices and Indicators for Directorate of Economics and Statistics (2-Mar-2015 to 8-Mar-2015)
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Dr Sutanuka Dev Roy

Value, Ethics and Corporate Governance for the Executives of NHPC (9-Mar-2015 to 11-Mar-2015)
Dr. Lakshmi B

Capacity-Building of Prosecution Officers of Uttar Pradesh (9-Mar-2015 to 14-Mar-2015)
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Ms.J Swarnalatha

Capacity-Building of Prosecution Officers of Uttar Pradesh (16-Mar-2015 to 21-Mar-2015)
Ms.J Swarnalatha

Corporate Social Responsibility for the Executives of NHPC (19-Mar-2015 to 20-Mar-2015)
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Dr P Shahaida

Economic Concepts using Statistical Tools DES, UP (23-Mar-2015 to 27-Mar-2015)
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Dr Sutanuka Dev Roy

Administartive Staff
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Mr.Ravi Kant, IAS (VR) Director General 040-66534223



Mr Kalyan K Roy Registrar&Secretary-CoG 040-66533082 registrar@asci.org.in
Mr. G. Kanaka Raju Assistant Registrar 040-66534254 asstregistrar@asci.org.in
Wg Cdr Sandeep Malhotra (Retd), FICWA Finance Officer 040-66533086 fo@asci.org.in
Mr Satish Kumar Administrative & Industrial Relations Officer (A&IR Officer) 040-66533088 airo@asci.org.in
Dr. N G Satish Librarian 040-66534225 ngs@asci.org.in
Dr.Ramu Suravajjula Editor and Public Relations Officer 040-66534241


Ms. Mary Elliot Administrative Officer , College Park Campus 040-66720705 ao.cpc@asci.org.in


Mrs. Maria Davidswamy PES to Director General 040-66534223 maria@asci.org.in
Mr. M Phani Officer - Accounts 040-66534290 mphani@asci.org.in
Mr. M P Vijaya Kumar Sr. Resident Manager,ASCI NDC 011-26961850 vkumar36@rediffmail.com
Mrs. P Mahalaxmi Programmes Officer 040-66534247 poffice@asci.org.in
Mr. V Janaki Ramaiah Deputy Accounts Officer 040-66534224 janakiram@asci.org.in
Mr. K Samuel Procurement Officer 040-66534206 samuel@asci.org.in
Mrs. S Malathi Supdt - Procurement and Stores 040-66534202 procurementofficer@asci.org.in
Mr. K Jayarama Reddy Officer - Production Unit 040-66534228 jayaram@asci.org.in
Mr. M Devadas Samuel Supdt - Transport & Security 040-66534366 devadas@asci.org.in
Mrs G Lalitha Hariprasad Supdt - Computer Centre 040-66534278 glalitha@asci.org.in
Mr. T V V Murali Machiraju Supdt - Establishment 040-66534200 machiraju@asci.org.in
Mr. B Y Reddy Officer - Mess 040-66534264 byreddy@asci.org.in
Mr. C Sreenivasa Murthy Officer - House Keeping 040-66534235 srinivas_tanuj@asci.org.in
Mr. P V Jai Gopal Assistant Accounts Officer 040-66534224


Mr R Amarnath Assistant Officer - Accounts 040-66534253 finance@asci.org.in
Mr. R Subramanian Personal Assistant 040-66533080 rsm@asci.org.in
Mrs. K Swarnalatha Personal Assistant 040-66534223 swarnak@asci.org.in
Mr. P Srinivas Yadav Personal Assistant 040-66534254 psriyadav@asci.org.in
Mr. G Srinivas Yadav Personal Assistant 040-66533084 gsriyadav@asci.org.in
Mrs. K Usha Rani Personal Assistant 040-66533083 usharani@asci.org.in
Mrs Komala S Raj Personal Assistant 040-66534251 komala@asci.org.in
Forest Conservation Intervention Measures through Governance
Urban Infrastructure Project Preparation and Management
Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
Procurement Procedures for the World Bank Aided Projects