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Applications are invited for the Finance Officer Position
ASCI Needs a Resource Person – Procurement Procedures for the World Bank Aided Projects
In-Company Training Programs
Customized Capacity Enchancement Programme for Top Executives of United Bank of India (1-Jun-15 to 5-Jun-15)
Ms. Ashita Allamraju

Business Management Programme for Armed Forces Officers - Sponsored by DGR (Non-Residential) (8-Jun-2015 to 20-Nov-2015)
Dr. Nirmalya Bagchi

MDP for Engineers of Bihar Road Construction, Govt. of Bihar (15-Jun-2015 to 19-Jun-2015)
Mr. B.V.N. Sachendra

Setting Electricity Tariff and Regulating Accounting Energy Sector in Sri Lanka (15-Jun-2015 to 19-Jun-2015)
Dr.Usha Ramachandra

Climate Change Adaptation : Perspectives Natural Resource Management - DST (15-Jun-2015 to 26-Jun-2015)
Dr. Valli Manickam

General Management cum Leadership Program for Junior Level Officers of Oil India Ltd (22-Jun-2015 to 3-Jul-2015)
Dr. Prabhati Pati

Summit Social Enterpernership (25-Jun-2015 to 26-Jun-2015)
Dr.Y. Malini Reddy

GMP for Senior Executives of EPFO Officers of NATRSS (29-Jun-2015 to 3-Jul-2015)
Dr.Harsh Sharma

Faculty Publications


2006 - Publications in Journals

Chetty, B.S., Krishnaswamy, K.N., Chowdary, B.V., & Akhilesh, K.B. (2006). Manufacturing planning and control in batch manufacturing industries: A multi-dimensional construct. International Journal of Computer Applications and Technology, 27(1), 51-71.

 Dandona, L.(2006). Clinical trials in India: Balancing economic opportunity with the public health context. National Medical Journal of India, 19(2), 57-9.

 Dandona, L., & Dandona, R.  (2006). What is the global burden of visual impairment?BMC Medicine, 4, 6. (http://www.biomedcentral.com/ content/pdf/1741-7015-4-6.pdf).

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 Dandona, L., Dandona, R., Kumar, G.A., Gutierrez, J.P., McPherson, S., Bertozzi, S.M., & ASCI FPP Study Team. (2006). How much attention is needed towards men who sell sex to men for HIV prevention in India? BMC Public Health, 6, 31. (http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/1471-2458-6-31.pdf).

 Dandona, R., Dandona, L., Kumar, G.A., Gutierrez, J.P., McPherson, S., Samuels, F., Bertozzi, S.M., & ASCI FPP Study Team. (2006). Demography and sex work characteristics of female sex workers in India. BMC International Health and Human Rights , 5. (http://www.biomedcentral. com/content/pdf/1472-698X-6-5.pdf).

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 Naidu, B.M. (2006). Medical tourism in India growing rapidly. Business Times, XXV(2), 44-5.

 Rao, H.H. (2006). Tryst with global competition: Strategic response of corporate India. Hyderabad: B.S. Publications.

 Saxena, R.N. (2006). Impact evaluation of personal growth training: A quasi-experimental design. ASCI Journal of Management, 39(1&2), 39-68.

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2005 - Publications in Journals

Bagga, R.K., Keniston, K., & Mathur, R.R. (Eds.). (2005). The state, IT and development. New Delhi/Thousand Oaks/London: Sage


Chetty, B.S., & Choudary, B.V. (2005). Influence of size on the MPC systems in Indian manufacturing industries. Asia Pacific Management Review, 1(2),


Dandona L, Dandona R, Gutierrez JP, Kumar GA, McPherson S, Bertozzi SM, ASCI FPP Study Team. Sex behaviour of men who have sex with men and ri

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Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management
High Impact Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Need Identification to Impact Assessment
Negotiation Skills
Strategic Brand Management
Leadership Through Self - Discovery
Building Competencies for Leadership
Urban Futures Planning
Project Appraisal & Financing
Financial Systems, Management and Accountability in Government
Transactional Analysis for Interpersonal Effectiveness
Implementation of the Companies Act, 2013 – Features, Issues and Impact
Advanced Management Program – 2015
Electricity Distribution Management
A Home for All: Making Affordable Housing a Reality
Summit on Scaling up Social Innovations through Partnerships: Government, Innovators and Investors
Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness
Regulating Electricity Tariffs and Related Issues
General Management Program for Senior Executives - (Session-125)
Inventory Management
Project and Contract Management
Forest Conservation Intervention Measures through Governance
Procurement Procedures for the World Bank Aided Projects