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In-Company Training Programs
Advanced Techno Management Programme for DST (27-Oct-2014 to 28-Nov-2014)
Dr. Nirmalya Bagchi
Mr. B.V.N. Sachendra

Training of Trainers Programme for Officers of Indian Railways (10-Nov-2014 to 14-Nov-2014)
Dr.Harsh Sharma

EDP for the Dy General Managers of Central Bank of India (17-Nov-2014 to 22-Nov-2014)
Dr. Lakshmi B

General Management Programme for Scientists for DST (17-Nov-2014 to 28-Nov-2014)
Prof Nirmala Apsingikar
Dr.Dimple Grover

Leadership Essentials for Executives of ONGC (24-Nov-2014 to 28-Nov-2014)
Dr.Harsh Sharma

HRM for Line Managers of NPCIL Executives (24-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014)
Ms.J Swarnalatha

Strategic Retreat for Management Team of Air India Limited (27-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014)

Project Implementation for Executives of Kamarajar Port Limited at Chennai (24-Nov-2014 to 25-Nov-2014)
Mr. B.V.N. Sachendra

Programme on Business Development - Joint Ventures for the Executives of ONGC Module I & II at Delhi(13-Nov-14 to 15-Nov-14)
Professor Mubeen Rafat

Faculty Publications


2006 - Publications in Journals

Chetty, B.S., Krishnaswamy, K.N., Chowdary, B.V., & Akhilesh, K.B. (2006). Manufacturing planning and control in batch manufacturing industries: A multi-dimensional construct. International Journal of Computer Applications and Technology, 27(1), 51-71.

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2005 - Publications in Journals

Bagga, R.K., Keniston, K., & Mathur, R.R. (Eds.). (2005). The state, IT and development. New Delhi/Thousand Oaks/London: Sage


Chetty, B.S., & Choudary, B.V. (2005). Influence of size on the MPC systems in Indian manufacturing industries. Asia Pacific Management Review, 1(2),


Dandona L, Dandona R, Gutierrez JP, Kumar GA, McPherson S, Bertozzi SM, ASCI FPP Study Team. Sex behaviour of men who have sex with men and ri

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Gender Mainstreaming, Budgeting and Auditing: Practices for Equity and Accountability
Strategic Human Resource Management
Leadership Skills Development
'Communication Skills for Managers
Index Based Crop Insurance – Concepts, Design and Implementation
Strategic Financial Management
Digital Marketing: Engage With The Digital Generation
Creating Social Value through Corporate Social Responsibility
Developing the Leading Edge with Strategic Marketing
Improving Work Culture
Finance for Non-Finance Executives
Human Resource Management for Line Managers
Materials and Supply Chain Management
General Management Programme for Senior Executives (Session 124)
Project Management for World Bank Aided Projects
Public Private Partnership in Social Sector
General Management Programme for Middle Level Executives - Managing in High Growth Environment
Managing Strategic Innovation