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Markets play a crucial role by bringing a focus on poor as active economic participants (entrepreneurs, employees and consumers) and not just passive recipients of welfare benefits. Markets contribute to inclusive development by way of employment creation, increased labour force participation, enhanced household incomes, provision of affordable goods and services, and increased consumption that enhances the standard of living.

Inclusive Markets is a pro-poor facilitation built on the philosophy of ‘Making Markets Work for the Poor’. It recognizes that markets consist of complex business eco-systems that include several business organizations; functioning market systems that permit exchange of goods and services; market infrastructure and services that provide the physical requirements of a market and support to regulators and enterprises; and market institutions. The thinking behind inclusive market development is that left to themselves markets for the poor may not allocate resources efficiently and equitably.

Solutions for Inclusive Markets (SolIM) is an initiative by ASCI to provide a platform for dialogue, formulation and implementation of sustainable programs to advance inclusive markets. It aims to become the essential link between policy makers; government; organizations involved in the development and delivery of products and services; entrepreneurs; individual innovators; social investors; philanthropists; communities and development organizations.

“SolIM mission is to promote and support the attainment of Social Objectives using Business Approaches”.

The three pronged approach to operationalize the mission is:
  • Development of sustainable business models focused on creation and delivery of affordable products and services needed by the poor;
  • Development of markets where the poor and marginalized groups are not just consumers but are also provided with opportunities to be producers, wage earners, and holder of assets;
  • Development of models, frameworks, partnerships and networks to achieve synergistic growth, impact and scale.
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