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A growing approach worldwide, Inclusive Markets is at a nascent stage in India. Only a few large organizations in India have successfully explored fortune at the bottom of the pyramid and fewer still have integrated the poor into their value chain. A large number of social innovators and change agents continue to do path breaking work with potential for conversion into profitable, marketable and scalable ventures to impact inclusiveness. These however remain as pockets of excellence unable to reach out to serve the poor at a large scale using business models that are financially viable.

There is a need to study the existing examples to understand effectiveness as well as to allow replication and scale. There is also an equally important need to identify opportunities and develop business models and approaches that permit a win-win-win for the poor, the organizations and India’s inclusive development goals.

As a SolIM member you would be part of a network dedicated to advance knowledge, research and practice of attaining Social Objectives in an impactful, sustainable, and scalable manner.

"Join us in accelerating Inclusive Development in India"

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