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In-Company Training Programs
Advanced Techno Management Programme for DST (27-Oct-2014 to 28-Nov-2014)
Dr. Nirmalya Bagchi
Mr. B.V.N. Sachendra

Training of Trainers Programme for Officers of Indian Railways (10-Nov-2014 to 14-Nov-2014)
Dr.Harsh Sharma

EDP for the Dy General Managers of Central Bank of India (17-Nov-2014 to 22-Nov-2014)
Dr. Lakshmi B

General Management Programme for Scientists for DST (17-Nov-2014 to 28-Nov-2014)
Prof Nirmala Apsingikar
Dr.Dimple Grover

Leadership Essentials for Executives of ONGC (24-Nov-2014 to 28-Nov-2014)
Dr.Harsh Sharma

HRM for Line Managers of NPCIL Executives (24-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014)
Ms.J Swarnalatha

Strategic Retreat for Management Team of Air India Limited (27-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014)

Project Implementation for Executives of Kamarajar Port Limited at Chennai (24-Nov-2014 to 25-Nov-2014)
Mr. B.V.N. Sachendra

Programme on Business Development - Joint Ventures for the Executives of ONGC Module I & II at Delhi(13-Nov-14 to 15-Nov-14)
Professor Mubeen Rafat

MDP Calender 2014 - 2015

Management Development Programmes offered: Date-wise List

General Management
Programme Dates Director/s
Customer Insight, Relationship and Experience Management 05/05/2014 To 07/05/2014 Dr.Y. Malini Reddy
The New Legislation on Land Acquisition, R&R 05/05/2014 To 09/05/2014 Dr. Narendran Kodandapani
Enhancing Sales Performance through Effective Leadership 19/05/2014 To 23/05/2014 Dr P Shahaida
Companies Act, 2013 – Impact on Corporates 09/06/2014 To 11/06/2014 Ms.M V Anjali
Environmental Impact Assessment for Projects 16/06/2014 To 18/06/2014 Mr. G. Bala Subramanyam
Information Communication Technologies for Effective Urban Management 19/06/2014 To 21/06/2014 Prof. V.Srinivas Chary
Operationalising Second Generation Urban Reforms 26/06/2014 To 28/06/2014 Dr. M.S.Raghavendra
e-PROCUREMENT 30/06/2014 To 02/07/2014 Prof. G. Mohan
Social Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation 04/07/2014 To 06/07/2014 Dr. M.S.Raghavendra
Leadership Through Self Discovery 07/07/2014 To 09/07/2014 Dr.Prabhati Pati
Contract Mining in India 07/07/2014 To 09/07/2014 Mr.Dipesh Dipu
Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management: 2014 09/07/2014 To 11/07/2014 Prof. V.Srinivas Chary
Effective Trade Union Management 14/07/2014 To 18/07/2014 Ms.J Swarnalatha
'Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness 14/07/2014 To 18/07/2014 Dr.Subhashini P
Programme on Procurement Procedures for World Bank Aided Projects 07/07/2014 To 18/07/2014 Mr. B.V.N. Sachendra
Transactional Analysis for Interpersonal Effectiveness 21/07/2014 To 23/07/2014 Ms.J Swarnalatha
Inventory Management 21/07/2014 To 23/07/2014 Mr. B.V.N. Sachendra
Building Competencies for Leadership 21/07/2014 To 25/07/2014 Dr.K.N.Viswanatham
Effective Development Evaluations: Design, Method and Impact 21/07/2014 To 25/07/2014 Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan
Regulating Electricity Tariffs and Related Issues 21/07/2014 To 25/07/2014 Dr.Usha Ramachandra
GMP for Senior Executives - Session:123 07/07/2014 To 01/08/2014 Ms. Ashita Allamraju
Dr.Shahaida P
Project Appraisal & Financing 04/08/2014 To 08/08/2014 Mr.Dushyant Mahadik
Leadership Skills Development 04/08/2014 To 08/08/2014 Dr.Prabhati Pati
Developing Financial Acumen 07/08/2014 To 09/08/2014 Professor Mubeen Rafat
HR Audit 11/08/2014 To 13/08/2014 Ms.J Swarnalatha
Service Excellence: The Indian Experience 11/08/2014 To 13/08/2014 Dr.Y. Malini Reddy
Best Practices in Health Care Delivery 11/08/2014 To 15/08/2014 Dr. Lakshmi B
Negotiation Skills 25/08/2014 To 27/08/2014 Dr.Harsh Sharma
Advanced Management Programme-2014 18/08/2014 To 29/08/2014 Prof.Vilas Shah
Professor Mubeen Rafat
Urban Infrastructure Project Preparation and Management 04/09/2014 To 06/09/2014 Dr. M.S.Raghavendra
Behaviour Based Safety ProcessforImproving Safety Culture 08/09/2014 To 09/09/2014 Mr. G. Bala Subramanyam
Business Analysis and Forecasting Techniques 08/09/2014 To 10/09/2014 Dr Sutanuka Dev Roy
Financial Risk Management and Derivatives 08/09/2014 To 12/09/2014 Mr.Dushyant Mahadik
PPP in Urban Infrastructure and Service Delivery 11/09/2014 To 13/09/2014 Prof. V.Srinivas Chary
Leveraging Big Data and Analytics 15/09/2014 To 17/09/2014 Prof Nirmala Apsingikar
Values Driven Leadership 15/09/2014 To 17/09/2014 Ms.J Swarnalatha
Financial Systems, Management and Accountability in Government 15/09/2014 To 19/09/2014 Ms. Ashita Allamraju
Strategic Brand Management 18/09/2014 To 20/09/2014 Dr P Shahaida
Personality Development 22/09/2014 To 26/09/2014 Dr.Subhashini P
Implementing the New Legislation on LARR 22/09/2014 To 26/09/2014 Dr. Narendran Kodandapani
Risk Management in Hospitals 09/10/2014 To 11/10/2014 Dr. Lakshmi B
Programme for Young Managers 06/10/2014 To 17/10/2014 Dr Sutanuka Dev Roy
Dr.Y. Malini Reddy
Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leadership 13/10/2014 To 17/10/2014 Dr.Subhashini P
Towards Universal Sanitation in Urban Areas 20/10/2014 To 22/10/2014 Ms. Vijaya Venkataraman
Formulating City Plan of Actions for Slum free Status 03/11/2014 To 07/11/2014 Ms. Vasavi Narla
Human Factors and Workplace Safety 10/11/2014 To 12/11/2014 Dr.Prabhati Pati
Dr.Subhashini P
Electricity Distribution Management 10/11/2014 To 14/11/2014 Mr. Rajkiran Bilolikar
Environmental Regulations, Aspects and Mitigation Planning for Mining Industry 10/11/2014 To 14/11/2014 Mr. G. Bala Subramanyam
Project and Contract Management 10/11/2014 To 14/11/2014 Mr. B.V.N. Sachendra
Procurement Procedures for the World Bank Aided Projects 03/11/2014 To 14/11/2014 Dr. B. S. Chetty
Prof.Vilas Shah
Ethical Leadership in Public Governance 17/11/2014 To 19/11/2014 Dr. Lakshmi B
Enhancing Sales Performance through Effective Leadership 17/11/2014 To 21/11/2014 Dr P Shahaida
Individual Excellence for Organizational Effectiveness 17/11/2014 To 21/11/2014 Dr.Prabhati Pati
Effective Human Resource Training & Development 17/11/2014 To 21/11/2014 Dr.Harsh Sharma
Mine Evaluation and Acquisition 20/11/2014 To 22/11/2014 Mr.Dipesh Dipu
Improving Work Culture 24/11/2014 To 26/11/2014 Dr.Subhashini P
Public Private Partnership in Social Sector 24/11/2014 To 26/11/2014 Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan
Finance for Non-Finance Executives 27/11/2014 To 29/11/2014 Professor Mubeen Rafat
Change Management for Achieving Continuous Water Supply for All in Urban Areas 20/11/2014 To 30/11/2014 Prof. V Srinivas Chary
HRM for Line Managers 01/12/2014 To 05/12/2014 Ms.J.Swarnalatha
Digital Marketing : Engaging with the Digital Generation 08/12/2014 To 10/12/2014 Dr.Y. Malini Reddy
Managing Strategic Innovation 08/12/2014 To 10/12/2014 Dr. Nirmalya Bagchi
Materials and Supply Chain Management 08/12/2014 To 12/12/2014 Mr. B.V.N. Sachendra
Competencies for Strategic Leadership & Change Management 08/12/2014 To 12/12/2014 Dr.K.N.Viswanatham
Benchmarking Urban Services 15/12/2014 To 17/12/2014 Ms. Vijaya Venkataraman
Creating Social Value Through Corporate Social Responsibility 15/12/2014 To 17/12/2014 Dr P Shahaida
Leadership Skills Development 15/12/2014 To 19/12/2014 Dr.Prabhati Pati
GMP for Middle Level Executives - Managing in High Growth Environment 13/12/2014 To 19/12/2014 Dr.Harsh Sharma
Dr. Nirmalya Bagchi
Project Management for World Bank Aided Projects 05/01/2015 To 09/01/2015 Prof.Vilas Shah
MDP for Women Executives 19/01/2015 To 23/01/2015 Dr.Dimple Grover
Ms.M V Anjali
Leadership & Performance Management in Social Sector 19/01/2015 To 23/01/2015 Dr. Lakshmi B
Communication Skills for Managers 19/01/2015 To 23/01/2015 Dr.Prabhati Pati
Managing Costs to Enhance Profitability 27/01/2015 To 29/01/2015 Professor Mubeen Rafat
General Management Programme for Senior Executives (Session 124) 05/01/2015 To 30/01/2015 Dr.Shahaida P
Mr. B.V.N. Sachendra
Developing The Leading Edge with Strategic Marketing 26/01/2015 To 30/01/2015 Dr.Y. Malini Reddy
Gender Mainstreaming, Budgeting and Auditing: Practices for Equity and Accountability 29/01/2015 To 31/01/2015 Ms.M V Anjali
Urban Poverty Alleviation and Social Housing 29/01/2015 To 31/01/2015 Dr. M.S.Raghavendra
Ethics & Values in Administration 02/02/2015 To 04/02/2015 Dr. Lakshmi B
Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Management 02/02/2015 To 04/02/2015 Mr. G. Bala Subramanyam
Prof. V.Srinivas Chary
Corporate Valuation 05/02/2015 To 07/02/2015 Professor Mubeen Rafat
Managing Creativity and Innovation 09/02/2015 To 11/02/2015 Dr.Prabhati Pati
Using Data for Programme Monitoring & Evaluation 09/02/2015 To 11/02/2015 Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan
Executive Coaching and Mentoring: Competencies to Develop Future Leaders 09/02/2015 To 13/02/2015 Dr.K.N.Viswanatham
Team Building and Conflict Management 09/02/2015 To 13/02/2015 Dr.K.N.Viswanatham
Empowering Hospital Administrators with Management Skills in Turbulent Times 16/02/2015 To 20/02/2015 Dr. Lakshmi B
Procurement Procedures for World Bank Aided Projects 09/02/2015 To 20/02/2015 Prof.Vilas Shah
Dr. B. S. Chetty
Strategic Human Resource Management 16/02/2015 To 20/02/2015 Dr.K.N.Viswanatham
Good Governance and Sustainability through HR Practicies 23/02/2015 To 25/02/2015 Dr.Dimple Grover
Strategic Human Resource Management 23/02/2015 To 27/02/2015 Dr.Harsh Sharma
Base line Survey for R&R - CSR Projects 02/03/2015 To 04/03/2015 Dr. Reshmy Nair
e-Learning and Digital Education 09/03/2015 To 11/03/2015 Prof.G Mohan
Project and Contract Management 09/03/2015 To 13/03/2015 Prof.Vilas Shah
Public Private Partnership in Urban Infrastructure and Service Delivery 09/03/2015 To 13/03/2015 Prof. V.Srinivas Chary
Decision Making for Effective Leadership 16/03/2015 To 20/03/2015 Dr.Subhashini P
Urban Infrastructure Project Preparation and Management 26/03/2015 To 28/03/2015 Dr. M.S.Raghavendra
Gender Mainstreaming, Budgeting and Auditing: Practices for Equity and Accountability
Strategic Human Resource Management
Leadership Skills Development
'Communication Skills for Managers
Index Based Crop Insurance – Concepts, Design and Implementation
Strategic Financial Management
Digital Marketing: Engage With The Digital Generation
Creating Social Value through Corporate Social Responsibility
Developing the Leading Edge with Strategic Marketing
Improving Work Culture
Finance for Non-Finance Executives
Human Resource Management for Line Managers
Materials and Supply Chain Management
General Management Programme for Senior Executives (Session 124)
Project Management for World Bank Aided Projects
Public Private Partnership in Social Sector
General Management Programme for Middle Level Executives - Managing in High Growth Environment
Managing Strategic Innovation