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In-Company Training Programs

Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 for North East State Governments (4-May-2015 to 6-May-2015)
Dr. Reshmy Nair

Leadership Training for the Senior Executives of Dena Bank(4-May-2015 to 8-May-2015)
Dr. Lakshmi B

Financial Systems in Government for Officers of Assam Finance Service, Government of Assam(11-May-2015 to 15-May-2015)
Ms. Ashita Allamraju

MDP for Engineers of Road Construction Department, Govt. of Bihar(11-May-2015 to 15-May-2015)
Prof.Vilas Shah

Learning Visit of Govt. of Uganda Team to India - Formulating a National Resettlement Policy for the Ministers and Senior Officials of Government of Uganda (11-May-2015 to 20-May-2015)
Dr. Reshmy Nair

Next Level Competency Training for Officers of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited(18-May-2015 to 23-May-2015)
Dr.Usha Ramachandra
Mr. Rajkiran Bilolikar

Financial Systems in Government for Officers of Assam Finance Service, Government of Assam(25-May-2015 to 5-Jun-2015)
Dr Sutanuka Dev Roy
Mr.Dushyant Mahadik

Workshop on Planning for Implementation of Behaviour Based Safety Intervention for Senior Level Management of Aurobindo Pharma Limited(18-May-2015 to 19-May-2015)
Mr. G. Bala Subramanyam


Finance for Non Finance -Indus Towers at Cochin(11-May-2015 to 12-May-2015)
Prof. Mubeen Rafat

Finance for Non Finance -Indus Towers at Gurguon(21-May-2015 to 22-May-2015)
Prof. Mubeen Rafat

Chairmen of ASCI

Mr. S. M. Datta, Chairman - Court of Governors(From September 2012)

Mr. S. M. Datta is the Non-executive Chairman of Castrol India Ltd., Philips Electronics India Ltd., IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd., Tata Trustee Company Private Ltd., Transport Corporation of India Ltd., Reach (Cargo Movers) Private Ltd., and Speciality Restaurants Ltd. Mr. Datta was the Chairman of Hindustan Lever Ltd., as well as of the Unilever group of companies in India and Nepal from 1990 to 1996.

As an independent Director, Mr. Datta is on the boards of Rabo India Finance, Atul Ltd., Bhoruka Power Corporation, Peerless Hotels, Peerless General Finance and Investment Co. Ltd., Zodiac Clothing, Peerless Developers Ltd., and Chandra's Chemicals Enterprises Ltd. 

Mr. Datta is a Member of the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata; was Chairman of IIM Bangalore (1995-2005); and Founder-Chairman of the Goa Institute of Management (1993-2006). He was also a Member of the Review Committee of the IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management), established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

He is a past President of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India, the Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association.

Mr. S. M. Datta graduated with Honours in Chemistry from Presidency College, Kolkata, and obtained his Post-Graduate Degree in Science and Technology from the University of Calcutta.  He is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India), Fellow of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, and an Honorary Fellow of the All India Management Association.

Dr Abid Hussain, Chairman - Court of Governors(April 2012 - June 2012)

1926 - Born on 26th December in Hyderabad
Secretary - Ministry of Commerce, Government of India
Secretary - Ministry of Heavy Industry, Government of India
1985-1990 - Member, Planning Commission
1988 - Awarded Padma Bhushan
1990-1992 - India's Ambassador to the United States of America

Dr Abid Hussain chaired six important committees set up by the Government of India covering: Trade Policy Reforms; Project Exports; CSIR Review Committee for Development of Science and Technology; Textile Policy of the Government of India; Development of Capital Market; and Small Scale Industry. He was a Member of the Constitution Review Commission; and Prasar Bharati Board.

He was a Member of Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco and BP Koirala Foundation, Nepal; Council on Foreign Relations, New York and Asia Society, New York. He was UN Adviser on Turkey on Community Development; Chief - Industrial Technology, Human Settlements and Environment in the UN Regional Commission of ESCAP, Bangkok.

He was a Trustee of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts Trust; Vice Chairman of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation; and Member of many Trustee Boards.

He is currently Chancellor of English & Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad; Chancellor of ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education; and Chancellor of Maritime University.

He presides over several national and international conferences and contributes papers on contemporary issues.

Mr M Narasimham, Chairman - Court of Governors(1991-2012);Chairman Emeritus - Court of Governors(2012)
1927 - Born on 3 June. Educated at Cambridge University (M.A.).
1950 - Joined Reserve Bank of India. Held various positions, the last one as Secretary.
1972 - Additional Secretary, Economic Affairs, Government of India (1972-1976).
1975 - Chairman, Working Group on Rural Banks.
1976 - Secretary, Department of Banking, Government of India.
1977 - Governor, Reserve Bank of India.
1978 - Executive Director, The World Bank (1978-1979).
1979 - Executive Director, International Monetary Fund (1979-1980).
1981 - Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Government of India.
1983 - Finance Secretary, Government of India.
1983 - Principal, Administrative Staff College of India (1983-1985).
1985 - Vice President, Asian Development Bank (1985-1988).
1985 - Chairman, Committee appointed by the Government of India to examine the Principles of a Possible Shift from Physical to Financial Controls.
1986 - Elected as Honorary Fellow of the Indian Institute of Bankers.
1988 - Vice Chairman, Court of Governors, Administrative Staff College of India.
1990 - Awarded D. Litt. (Honoris Causa) by Sri Krishnadevaraya University.
1991 - Chairman, Court of Governors, Administrative Staff College of India.
1991 - Chairman, Committee on the Financial System, appointed by the Government of India.
1994 - Elected as Honorary Fellow of the All India Management Association.
1998 - Chairman, Committee on Banking Sector Reforms, appointed by the Government of India.
2000 - Awarded Padma Vibhushan by the Government of India.
2000 - Received the Telugu Thalli award.
2001 - Received the Life Time Achievement Award from the Hyderabad Management Association.
2002 - Published World economic environment and prospects for India (UBSPD) and Economic reforms, development and finance (UBSPD).
Mr. Dharma Vira, Chairman - Court of Governors(1973 - 1991);Chairman Emeritus - Court of Governors(1991 - 2000)
1906 - Born on 20 January at Patiala.
1927 - Obtained M.Sc. degree from Allahabad University. Subsequently studied at the London School of Economics & Political Science.
1930 - Joined the Indian Civil Service. Worked in various capacities in present Uttar Pradesh up to 1941. During World War-II, served the Government of India as Deputy Chief Controller of Imports & Exports.
1945 - Textiles Commissioner for India, Bombay.
1947 - Joint Secretary to the Union Cabinet (1947-1950).
1950 - Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister (1950-1951).
1951 - Commercial Advisor, Indian High Commission, London (1951-1953).
1954 - India's Ambassador to Czechoslovakia (1954-1956).
1956 - Secretary, Ministry of Rehabilitation, Government of India (1956-1962).
1962 - Secretary, Ministry of Works, Housing & Supply, Government of India.
1963 - Chief Commissioner of Delhi (1963-1964).
1965 - Cabinet Secretary and Secretary to the Union Council of Ministers (1965-1966).
1965 - Member, Court of Governors, Administrative Staff College of India (1965-1973).
1966 - Governor of Punjab and Haryana (1966-1967).1967 - Governor of West Bengal (1967-1969).
1969 - Governor of Karnataka (1969-1972).
1973 - Chairman, Court of Governors, Administrative Staff College of India (1973-1991).
1975 - Published Memoirs of a civil servant (Vikas)
1977 - Chairman, National Police Commission (1977-1983).
Dr. Chintaman Dwarakanath Deshmukh, Chairman - Court of Governors (1959-1973)
1896 - Born on January 14 at Nata, Kolaba District, Maharashtra.
1917 - Obtained B.A. while studying at the Jesus College, Cambridge University.
1918 - Top ranker in the Indian Civil Service examination.
1919 - Passed Barrister-at-Law examination (Inner Temple).
1932 - Member of the Legislative Council, 1896 - Born on January 14 at Nata, Kolaba District, Maharashtra.
1917 - Obtained B.A. while studying at the Jesus College, Cambridge University.
1918 - Top ranker in the Indian Civil Service examination.
1919 - Passed Barrister-at-Law examination (Inner Temple).
1932 - Member of the Legislative Council, Central Provinces and Berar (1932-1937).
1932 - Member, Advisory Committee, Bombay Natural History Society.
1941 - Resigned from the Indian Civil Service.
1943 - Appointed Deputy Governor and later the first Indian Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.
1943 - Translated Kalidasa's Meghadutam.
1944 - Attended the World Monetary Conference at Bretton Woods as India's delegate.
1946 - President, Indian Statistical Institute (1946-1964).
1946 - Governor for India, International Monetary Fund and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (1946-1956).
1949 - Financial Representative of India in Europe and America from (1949-1950).
1950 - Union Minister of Finance & Ex-officio Member, Planning Commission (1950-1956).
1956 - Chairman, University Grants Commission (1956-1960).
1957 - Chairman, National Book Trust (1957-1960).
1957 - Awarded Honorary D.Sc. (University of Calcutta); Honorary Doctor of Letters (Annamalai University).
1957 - Published Gandhi sukti muktavali.
1959 - Founder Life President, India International Centre.
1959 - Chairman, Court of Governors, Administrative Staff College of India (1959-1973).
1959 - Receives Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service.
1959 - Awarded Honorary D.Litt. (Nagpur University and Punjab University).
1960 - Vice-President, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (1960-1967).
1962 - Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi (1962-1967).
1963 - Awarded Hon. D. Litt. (University of Princeton, USA and University of Leicester, U.K.)
1963 - Awarded Hon. D.Sc. (Indian Statistical Institute/University of Karnataka).
1963 - Delivered Smuts Memorial Lecture (Commonwealth as India sees it) at Cambridge University.
1964 - Chairman, Indian Institute of Public Administration (1964-1965).
1965 - Published Perspective planning and education for economic and social development.
1966 - Chairman, Central Sanskrit Board (1966-1967).
1968 - Published Sanskrit-kavya-malika.
1970 - President, Population Council of India (1970-1982).
1970 - Publishes Social Change in India (Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs) and Free but fettered: The illiterate citizen (Forum of Free Enterprise).
1972 - Published Hindustani: Rashtrabhasha or Lingua Franca (Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Research Centre); Aspects of Development: Analysis of political and economic events in India and Reflections on finance, education and society (Motilal Banarsidas).
1973 - Awarded Hon. D. Litt. (Delhi University, Poona University and Guru Nanak Dev University).
1973 - Retires as Chairman, Court of Governors, Administrative Staff College of India in December.
1974 - Published The course of my life (Orient Longman).
1976 - Published Bhagavadgita: Commentary.
1977 - Published Dhammapada : A study of the doctrine of Buddha.
1981 - Published Amarakosa: Gems from the treasure house of Sanskrit words.
1982 - Demise - 2 October.
Dr. Challiyal John Matthai - Founder Chairman , Court of Governors (1958-1959)
1886 - Born on 10 January at Calicut, Kerala.
1905 - Obtained B.A. degree in History from the University of Madras.
1910 - Obtained B.L. degree from the University of Madras.
1910 - Apprenticed under T. Richmond (1910-11).
1911 - Enrolled as Vakil and practices criminal law in the High Court of Madras.
1912 - Leaves the Bar. 1916 - Obtained D.Sc. (Economics) degree studying at the London School of Economics & Political Science, University of London.
1917 - Obtained B.Litt. degree studying at Balliol College, Oxford University.
1918 - Officer, Cooperative Department, Government of Madras.
1919 - Personal Assistant to the Registrar of Cooperative Societies/Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies.
1920 - Joined Presidency College, Madras, as Professor of Economics; subsequently absorbed in the Indian Education Service.
1922 - Nominated to the Madras Legislative Council and subsequently re-nominated for a second term.
1925 - Member, Tariff Board.
1931 - President, Tariff Board.
1935 - Director-General, Commercial Intelligence and Statistics.
1936 - Nominated to the Central Legislative Assembly.
1940 - Retired from government service. Joined Tata Group as Director.
1946 - Finance Member (September) and Industries and Supplies Member (October) in the Viceroy's Executive Council.
1947 - Railways and Transport Member (January) in the Viceroy's Executive Council.
1948 - Finance Minister, Government of India.
1950 - Resigned from Union Cabinet (May) and from Parliament (June).
1950 - Vice Chairman, Tata Iron & Steel Company Limited.
1953 - Chairman, Taxation Enquiry Commission, Government of India.
1955 - Vice Chancellor, Bombay University.
1955 - Chairman (first), State Bank of India (1955-1956).
1956 - Chairman (first), Court of Governors, Administrative Staff College of India (1956-1959).
1957 - Chairman (first), National Book Trust of India. President (first), National Council for Applied Economic Research.
1957 - Chairman, Fertilisers & Chemicals Travancore Limited (1957-1959).
1958 - Honorary Vice Chancellor, Kerala University (1958-1959).
1959 - Demise - 1 November.


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